Free Pokemon Go Accounts And Passwords 2023

Pokemon Go is definitely one of the most popular games out there that features augmented reality and engages the players physically as well. And even though it is free to download and use, some people look for free Pokemon Go accounts. That’s because there are certain in-game purchases that the players can make to enhance their experience even further. These purchases include tickets, poke coins, trainer boxes, etc. Some people also like to get free accounts that have already progressed to high levels.

And even though it does not cost that much, a lot of people don’t like to make purchases for games because it is not the most productive and you also have to keep buying. Also, a lot of kids play this game and may not have the money for it. That’s why, here we have mentioned login credentials of some free pokemon Go accounts along with a few methods that will help you get these accounts and all the other benefits without having to pay a single penny.

20 Free Pokemon Go Accounts With Passwords

As fun as leveling up in the game is, you also have to make some purchases to progress further and get more benefits. However, not everyone has the money to spare for it.

So to help you with that, here are the login IDs and passwords of 20 free Pokemon Go accounts that you can try out. Keep in mind that these may or may not work for you since people could have already used them. But if one doesn’t work, you can move on and try the other ones that are listed.

  1. Chasmface65- johnnyking5
  2. Senga000- 0053411070
  3. 511wer- 900000
  4. acemv12- 1077010
  5. Trapimintaca- trMxok68
  6. brooke342- 64851325454
  7. darksideorbit1- dark123321
  8. badbunny911- 6843546816
  9. bestblade4- blade123
  10. kihivud334- va9wl=I4
  11. fudakoh257- z@Pi?7ge
  12. Sni231per- cxvqgjhkejrh
  13. Littleboy98- acdxfnv7tv44
  14. robinson0105- drobtk29
  15. chainsawman1- iamking524
  16. mopquil-22458845
  17.  acemv12- 1077010
  18. Jandrun- gorillazs93
  19. Happygamer4456- Dirtycheats32
  20. pidgeotgo- orighni5cs

How To Get Free Pokemon Go Accounts?

Other than using the above login IDs, there are also a few other methods that you can use to get free Pokemon Go accounts. All these methods are tried and tested and are legit. You can pick whatever method you want according to your preference or you can give all of them a try and see what works the best.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a market research website that collects reviews of consumers on certain things. It is a survey site that pays you for taking surveys and sharing your thoughts and opinions.

As you take their surveys, you earn points that you can later redeem as cash on Paypal or as gift cards. It is a legit and safe way to get a premium Pokemon Go account without any cost. All you have to do is sign up and create a profile. Take surveys and earn rewards. You can then use these rewards to get Pokemon Go coins.

2. PointsPrizes

Points Prizes is another legit way to get free Pokemon Go accounts or earn Pokemon Go points for free. It is a site that allows you to get paid gift cards by doing small tasks like answering surveys. The gift card is sent straight to your email account in a safe and secure that you can then redeem. So to get free Pokemon Go points through Points Prizes, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Point Prizes’ website-

Step 2: After the site opens, search for a Pokemon Go gift card. You might not see it in the homepage catalog so it would be best to manually search for it.

Step 3: After selecting the gift card, you will be asked to register and verify your email. After you verify, you will be redirected to the website.

Step 4: Once you are done with all that, you will have to start performing tasks. These tasks mainly include answering surveys.

Step 5: After you are done with all the tasks, you will be able to redeem the gift card.

Step 6: You can then use this gift card to earn Pokemon Go points which you can use to move forward in the game.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an extremely popular digital reward site that allows its users to earn rewards in cash or gift cards by performing small tasks like doing online shopping, watching videos, and answering surveys. So if you want to get a premium Pokemon Go account or Pokemon Go coins for free, then you can make use of this method. To do so, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: The first step is to sign up and verify your email address.

Step 2: After you verify it and click on the confirmation link, your sign-up process will be completed and you can then start doing the tasks. The tasks are very simple but you need to have patience.

Step 3: As you complete the tasks, you will earn SBs. You can then use these to get cash or a gift card. 100 SB equals 1 dollar.

Step 4: You can then use this cash or gift card to get a free Pokemon Go account or buy Pokemon Go points.

4. App Karma

App Karma is a great app for earning some money without putting in a lot of effort. It rewards its customers in the form of gift cards, Paypal cash, etc. for performing small tasks like playing and trying out a variety of games on your phone. There are also some other small tasks like completing offers, that you can do as well.

All you need to do is install their app and go through the offers or tasks that they have. After you do them and collect enough points, you can then redeem them in the form of Paypal cash or through gift cards for Play Store, iTunes, Amazon, etc. You can then use the cash or gift card to get a free Pokemon Go account or make in-game purchases.

5. Reddit Sellers

Reddit is a social news aggregation and discussion site where people and communities mostly talk about their hobbies and interests. It has also become a great platform for people to make trades. A lot of sellers on Reddit are selling premium and upgraded Pokemon Go accounts for a price.

So if you want an account that has reached a certain level or has different premium items, then you can purchase from these sellers. However, only buy from trusted and verified sellers because there is a high chance of getting scammed.

Are Free Pokemon Go Account Generators Legit?

Other than the methods listed above, there are some other ways as well that can help you get free Pokemon Go accounts. One such way is using a Pokemon Go account generator. The purpose of these generators is to generate login credentials for premium Pokemon Go accounts without any cost. There are a lot of sites on the internet that provide this free account-generating service. But as tempting as it seems, it is nothing but a big scam.

So if you want to get a free account, then it is recommended that you only make use of trusted sources and methods like the ones we have mentioned above and avoid using these types of generators. That’s because not only do these not work at all, but you are also at risk of your data getting stolen by hackers.

You will have to follow an unnecessarily long human verification process after which you will get nothing and will only end up wasting your time. Your phone or PC may also get infected with harmful viruses.


The process of leveling up in Pokemon Go can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. You might even get stuck at a level and may have to purchase some in-game items to move forward. But for those who don’t want to spend any money, finding working free accounts or legit methods to get these free accounts can be very challenging.

But with the login details and various methods that we listed earlier, you will be able to get legit Pokemon Go accounts for free. Just keep trying the different methods and you will surely be able to find something that works for you.

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