Kahoot Hack: Free Auto Answer Bot and Scripts 2023

I was surprised to find out when my younger brother received a Kahoot score of 10 out of 10. I simply assumed he was smarter than me, but I eventually noticed his trick. He used a Kahoot hack, which explains why he received an ideal score. Due to innovative technologies, learning is now enjoyable. The Kahoot game is particularly well-liked by both students and teachers. Even assessments have changed to an online format in the present world since everything is moving to an online world.

If you want to raise your chances of getting a high mark on Kahoot, read this post all the way through. These Kahoot hacks have been tried and tested by students and explained on this page.

What is Kahoot!

Educational institutions use the game-based learning portal Kahoot to assess students’ aptitude. However, almost anyone may quickly create any live trivia question or quiz to assess the knowledge of his or her students. Anybody can quickly develop games and quizzes using this user-friendly platform and then share them with others.

You can make quizzes and multiple-choice questions. Students and learners compete with one another in the online classroom using Kahoot! To get into a specific category, they must input their PIN.

Can You Hack Kahoot?

We’ve repeatedly heard that extremely secure government websites are susceptible to hacking. Hence, no website or app is completely secure from hackers. In seconds, hackers may access any website with correct information and abilities. Website developers need help to guarantee complete security.

The use of the Kahoot hack has been successful for several infamous students. However, they used scripts, extensions, and other methods instead of hacking the website to find the answer or create additional visitors. Thus even if you are unfamiliar with hacking, you can still benefit from the techniques created by online hackers and modders.

How to Hack Kahoot?

It is easy to get over Kahoot’s security mechanism if you are a skilled hacker. But this post is for beginners, we will list the tools previously developed by experts, enabling you to implement your theme.

1. Kahoot Flooder

It is a Chrome plugin for adding random bots to confuse teachers is this one. In short, this extension is for the class troublemaker. Without ever getting caught, you can annoy and irritate your teacher, your classmates, and even other pupils. So we last-place benchers are experts in this.

2. Kahoot Rocks

Use Kahoot Rocks to take the Kahoot quiz without allowing the server to save your score or the answer you provided.

3. Simple Kahoot Trick

To open Kahoot on two different browsers, begin by launching your game on one browser as you normally would. Then, on the second browser, search for the game package by typing the name of the game into the search bar. After locating the game package, click on “show all answers” to reveal the answers. With one tab displaying the answers, use the other tab to input your answers.

4. Kahoot Auto Answer Hack

This multipurpose add-on makes use of flaws in the Kahoot code. Visit the Chrome Web Store to find this extension. Once you’ve identified them, add the extension to Chrome. You need to turn on the extension before playing any Kahoot game the following time, and you’re ready to go. Many features, such as Auto Answer, are available in this extension, and you can even change the number of points allocated to each question.

5. GoDoc.org/ HackPackage

This hack is all-inclusive. It is a full toolkit with nearly all the functionality needed to edit the Kahoot official website. Use this Kahoot hack during class to get instant access to the entire course. The steps are the same; enter the login and Game pin before running the script.

6. Invisible Kahoot Name

This plugin can be found on the Chrome Web store. By default, this plugin leaves your username empty. Hence, you can play the game regularly using a blank username and then, once you are aware of all the solutions, change back to your original username to obtain a perfect score with the correct solutions.

Aspects of Effective Kahoot Security

Using best practices for Kahoot security is crucial for teachers to do to stop hacking and cheating. This entails creating secure passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, then periodically keeping an eye out for any unusual behavior within the game. Teachers must also inform students of the negative effects of just using Kahoot cheaters as well as hacks that encourage them to play these games seriously.

Although cheating and hacking the system might have major repercussions, Kahoot is a fun place for students to learn. It is crucial that teachers use the best Kahoot security procedures and inform students of the implications of utilizing cheats and hacks. By doing this, we can ensure that Kahoot continues to be a fun and impartial learning environment.


Even though we’ve included some Kahoot Hack, remember that these shortcuts aren’t always effective. Whereas many students use these tools to cheat and earn good grades, they are primarily used to upset teachers. If you understand that particular subject, it will matter how well you score. I hope you have all the information you need. If you have any doubts, please read the above-mentioned information carefully as it will clear up any confusion.

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