10 Most Famous Persons In The World

Becoming famous and being known by people from across the globe is something that a lot of people aspire to. However, not everyone gets to achieve this dream. That is because not only does it take immense hard work but some amount of luck as well. These are the people that people look at and get inspired by. But even though becoming famous is not that easy, some people have achieved this feat. And these people are not just singers or actors.

The most common perspective that people hold about famous people is that they have to be media celebrities. But that, however, is not the case. With the spread of the internet, people who are not necessarily in media or entertainment have gained immense popularity. Business tycoons, athletes, etc. are also gaining fame since their work is being seen and appreciated by most people. Of course, pop stars and people in showbiz are among some of the highly famed people, but things have changed a lot more.

And with so many famous and well-known people nowadays, you might be wondering who are some of the most popular ones. To help with that, we have listed below the top 10 most famous persons in the world. Not only are these people well known, but they are also highly influential and make an impact in the life of so many people across the globe.

10 Most Famous Persons In The World

Certain people have made a big name for themselves and are known by the majority of people. So if you are curious about such people and want to know about some of the most famous people in the world, then this list is for you. Here we have compiled some of the most well-known personalities who you probably already know of or have heard of at least once in your lifetime. The list is made from data from across the web and is not based on a particular metric.

1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a name that almost all of us know by now. Born in South Africa and known for being the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, he is one of the richest men in the whole world. His net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $194 billion. Recently, he also acquired Twitter, became the owner and CEO of the company, and is quite an active user of the platform as well.

From a young age, he had a love for electronics and computers. Her even created a game when he was just 12. The first company he founded was called Zip2 which he sold Compaq for hundreds of millions of dollars. He then founded X.com which later came to be known as Paypal.

  • Age: 51
  • Occupation: Business Magnate and Investor
  • Instagram: Not On Instagram

2. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, also widely known as The Rock, is a former pro wrestler and a popular actor. He is considered one of the best wrestlers of all time and started gaining fame through WWE. He also became a world champion ten times and has multiple other incredible achievements under his name. He started his acting career in 2001 and has since starred in some of the most popular movies like Fast And The Furious, Jumanji Films, Hercules, etc. Dwayne also had a pretty brief football career. He is extremely loved by people and has fans from across the globe which is why he has made his name in the top 10 most famous persons in the world.

  • Age: 50
  • Occupation: American Actor
  • Instagram: @therock

3. Jeff Bezos

The founder and executive chairman of Amazon, Jeff Bezoz or Jeffrey Preston Bezos is one of the wealthiest people on earth with a net worth of about $128 billion. He did his graduation in computer science and electrical engineering from Princeton and worked on wall street for a while. He started Amazon as an online bookstore which has now turned into an e-commerce giant. In 2021, he even went to space with his brother. His life is truly incredible and is an inspiration for so many people.

  • Age: 59
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur, Investor
  • Instagram: @jeffbezos

4. Justin Bieber

Canadian singer and songwriter, Justin Bieber are one of the biggest artists of our generation. Unlike some people who get to see fame years down their careers, Justin became popular at a fairly young age. In 2008, Scooter Braun signed him into his company after recognizing his talent. He very quickly became a teen heartthrob and his career skyrocketed even more in 2010 with the success of his album and the song “baby.” He released many highly successful singles and albums after that as well like Sorry, Love Yourself, Peaches, etc.

Throughout his musical career, he has collected over a hundred awards including 2 Grammys, 26 Billboard Music Awards, and many more. He has also collaborated with many other renowned names in music like Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, etc. Bieber is also one of Time’s most influential people in the world. He got married to Hailey Baldwin in 2018.

  • Age: 29
  • Occupation: Canadian Singer
  • Instagram: @justinbieber

5. Robert Downey Jr.

If you are a fan of Marvel movies, then you must know of Robert Downey Jr. You probably know about him even if you don’t watch any Marvel movies because he is just that popular. He started his career when he was five and went on to do various films for which he was even nominated at the academy awards and also won some other prestigious awards. At one point, his career came to a stop when he was charged with drug abuse. But after completing his treatment, he came back stronger than ever and starred in one of his biggest roles ever Tony Stark or Iron man in ten of the marvel movies. Now almost everyone, be it a kid or an adult, know who he is.

  • Age: 57
  • Occupation: American Actor
  • Instagram: @robertdowneyjr

6. Kim Kardashian

Kimberly Noel Kardashian or Kim Kardashian( formerly Kim Kardashian West) is one of the Kardashian sisters and is an immensely popular media star and entrepreneur. She became known through her family’s reality TV show and also as a friend and stylist of Parish Hilton. She has an insane following on social media with over 346 million followers on Instagram.

She first started a boutique with her sisters known as Dash. Later on, she found her own makeup company known as KKW beauty and a loungewear and underwear company called Skims. Kim was also married to Kanye West with whom she had four kids with. But the two got divorced and went their separate ways in 2022.

  • Age: 42
  • Occupation: Media Personality, Businesswoman
  • Instagram: @kimkardashian

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

When we talk about one of the best and most popular football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is the name that always appears. Even if you are not into football, you must have still heard of Ronaldo. He is among the top forward players to ever exist and is respected for his incredible skills. In his career, he has earned about thirty-two trophies for his excellent performance including some highly prestigious ones like Ballon d’Or and European Golden Shoes.

Furthermore, the Portuguese sports star has a massive following boasting over 554 Million followers on Instagram. He is also the number one most followed person on the platform and has an enormous following on other social media sites as well. He is someone that a lot of aspiring football fans idolize and want to be like.

  • Age: 38
  • Occupation: Portuguese Footballer
  • Instagram: @cristiano

8. Will Smith

Willard Collard Smith Or Will Smith is a renowned film star and music artist. He had made a big name for himself from his music and acting career. But, his popularity skyrocketed and he became a global name after he starred as a lead in some of his most successful movies like Men In Black and Bad Boys. He was also in other popular movies like Shark Tale, Suicide Squad, Aladdin, etc.

Will has won multiple awards for both his acting and music including four Grammys and one academy award. His films have grossed billions at the box office making him one of the richest actors in Hollywood. He also has over 9 million subscribers on his youtube channel and over 62 million people following him on Instagram.

  • Age: 54
  • Occupation: American Actor
  • Instagram: @willsmith

9. Kylie Jenner

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and the daughter of Kris and William Bruce Jenner( now Caitlyn), Kylie Jenner is a name that most people know of. She has been a huge media personality ever since she was young because of the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” She is also one of the youngest billionaires and at only 25 years old, she not only runs multiple successful businesses like Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Skin, etc. but is also a mom of two.

Apart from being a highly successful businesswoman and a reality TV star, Kylie’s social media presence is huge. She is the second most-followed woman on Instagram and the fifth most-followed personality overall on the platform with over 379 million. All this is proof that she is a name worth mentioning among the top 10 most famous persons in the world.

  • Age: 25
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur, A Reality TV Personality
  • Instagram: @kyliejenner

10. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is one of the most iconic pop stars of our times. She started her career when she was just 15 in Broadway Musical 13 but started gaining more fame when she became a part of the cast of a Nickelodeon show called Victorious. After the show, she primarily worked on her music career and has now become a musical icon. She has released multiple singles and albums that are usually of the pop and R&B genres. Grande also has multiple number-one hits and 2 Grammys under her belt.

Some of the most popular songs from the singer-songwriter include Thank You Next, 7 Rings, and many more. She is also a huge animal lover and works with various charitable organizations. Because of her incredible voice and beautiful personality, she is loved by many and also has a following of over 358 Million people on Instagram. In 2021, she got married to Dalton Gomez and even started her makeup line called R.E.M. Beauty the same year.

  • Age: 29
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Instagram: @arianagrande


It is not easy to precisely tell who’s the most famous person in the world. However, these were the top 10 most famous persons in the world according to various sources on the internet. These are personalities that most people know of and follow. You probably would also have spotted some of your favorites on the list. But keep in mind that their names are not taken from just a single metric but are compiled according to information from the general public.

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