Top 9 iOS Emulator For PC in 2023

An iOS emulator is a software program that allows you to run iOS apps and games on your computer or other platforms such as Android, Windows, and Linux. These emulators mimic the iOS environment and enable users to test and develop apps without requiring access to an actual iOS device.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 9 iOS emulators that you can use to run iOS apps and games on your device. Whether you are a developer looking to test your app or a gamer wanting to experience iOS-exclusive games, these emulators will help you achieve your goals. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of iOS emulation.

9 Best IOS Emulator for PC

To run iOS apps on other operating systems, there exist programs called iOS emulators that mimic the hardware of an iPhone. Emulators were frequently used by app developers to evaluate iPhone software on Windows PCs where they do their programming. Such iOS emulators accurately represent the fundamental features of an iPhone, even though they cannot run apps directly from Apple App Store.

Emulators are used to running iOS applications on platforms other than iOS, such as Windows or Android. Most developers use emulators for app testing since they’re also relatively affordable. The following list includes a few top-notch emulators.

1. Smartface

If all you wish to do is run iOS apps on a Windows PC, this is among the best emulators. Since the developers utilize it to create new apps or test them to determine whether they work, the app was produced for professional usage. Among the most feature-rich iOS emulators available is Smartface. The fact that the software is rather pricey is primarily because it draws in more professional users.


  • User-friendly
  • Excellent for both professional as well as leisure use.


  • A little expensive
  • Only works with Windows.

2. is one of our preferred best iOS emulators available today. The program is really easy to use and completely free. Almost anyone can utilize the interface because it is so basic.

You can tell that’s developers were primarily concerned with the emulator’s ease of use by looking at it. The only thing users must do to be using the emulator is synchronize with the APK.


  • Use is free
  • Anyone can use it to test programs and play games, among other things.
  • Suitable with nearly all browsers Mozilla, Safari, Google Chrome


  • The uploading process takes a longer time.

3. iPadian

iPadian is another excellent iOS emulator. You won’t need to search far for iPadian if you’re searching for something simple for screen mirroring an iPhone to a Windows PC.

Because iPadian is such a flexible tool, especially professional users find it appealing. Although iPadian is a flexible tool, even professional users find it attractive. The User experience is relatively simple and user-friendly, the setup is simple, and there haven’t been any reports of any problems.


  • Suitable for Linux and Windows
  • Wonderful user experience


  • Expect it to run only some apps.


Don’t let the app’s name mislead you; is a highly successful emulator for starting and running iOS applications on Windows computers. Downloading and using the emulator is free, but only for 100 hours.

Also, this app enables individuals to develop their cross-platform applications; however, cloud connectivity is required. Users have commended this emulator for being easy to use and effective.


  • Compatible with windows. 
  • Cross-platform programs are supported.


  • Not free completely

5. AIR iPhone

This software is also impressive, as you would know if you are familiar with Adobe AIR technology. The installation and utilization of this emulator are both pretty simple. This specific emulator must be downloaded and installed, as well as the AIR framework. After everything has been installed, using AIR iPhone is trouble-free.


  • Perfect for re-creating the initial iPhone user-interface
  • A positive user interface


  • For Windows only
  • Difficult to set up

6. Xamarin TestFlight

With the help of the Xamarin TestFlight, you can run iOS apps on a Windows Desktop. And it functions perfectly on both! TestFlight also provides a simple and streamlined user interface that makes it easy for developers to manage and distribute their beta apps. Overall, Xamarin TestFlight is a useful tool for iOS app developers to test and refine their apps before making them available to a wider audience.


  • Great for professionals and developers.
  • Apple approved
  • Simple to use and set up


  • Several sources have mentioned little support.

7. Electric Mobile Studio

The next emulator on our list is Electro Mobile Studio, a high-quality iOS emulator. Professional users have primarily used it. This program gives web developers for iPhone and iPad a variety of alternatives.

Although the app costs $40 and the trial is free, it is an excellent long-term investment despite its initial high price. Only functions on Windows.


  • Extremely useful
  • For usage by professionals


  • Too much pricey

8. Ripple

Many people like Ripple. It is a fantastic iOS emulator for Windows, and users have given it positive feedback. Several emulators are designed for basic use, but Ripple goes above and above to provide users with a wide range of useful options. This emulator, which is a Chrome plugin, allows you to test a variety of both new and old programs.


  • Excellent for professionals, intermediate users, and amateurs alike
  • Available extension for Chrome


  • Only available on Windows and only works with Google Chrome.

9. iMAME

Another iOS emulator which enables Windows computer users to play iOS games is iMAME. Most people enjoy playing iOS-only games, so iMAME is a good choice. Essentially, it’s an amazing emulator which enables you to play any game you choose.


  • Each game from iOS 9 and iOS 10 is supported.
  • Great graphics


  • Whenever it comes to compatibility or overall user experience, there are better options in the business.


Emulators rapidly replace new devices in our daily lives because they cost significantly higher. Also, since they must test the apps before they are released, developers prefer them. Thus, review the above list of the best iOS emulator in 2023 and select one if you’re searching for the ideal iOS emulator for a PC. They are all efficient and offer great value. Select the choice that best satisfies your requirements.

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