9/11 Songs That Pays Tribute To All Lost Lives

9/11 didn’t just change the day-to-day working of America, but it also impacted other things like music as well. Tons of songs were made and released over the years surrounding this tragedy. The biggest musical artists in the world shared their feelings and the feelings of those impacted by the incident with the help of their music. Some songs were inspired by the experiences of people from that day and all the pain they went through. Whereas, some talked about the changed society after the incident.

Furthermore, these songs allow the strong emotions of people to stay alive and strong for a long period. They are a way to remember what the country went through and all the sacrifices that were made that day. The lyrics convey the stories of people and the pain they felt. And, the emotion that the artist puts in also makes the experience more incredible.

So even though the day isn’t the most pleasant, it is an important part of our history and something that must be remembered. Hence, if you are searching for some of the best songs surrounding the September 11 tragedy, then look no further. Here we have created a list of the top 10 best 9/11 songs that are inspired by this unfateful event. Not only are they musically great, but they also tell a story. They will take you down memory lane and will make you remember how the lives of so many people were changed that day.

10 Best Songs About 9/11

There is a plethora of songs about 9/11 that have been released so far by several people. But the ones listed here are some of the best and will make you feel a lot of emotions. All of these are from different genres of music so you can find everything from country to hip-hop.

1. Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys- Empire State Of Mind

Both Jay Z and Alicia Keys are among the biggest names in the music industry. This hip-hop song is a popular collaboration between the two artists. It pays tribute to the strength and resilience of New York City and how it recovered from the attacks of 9/11. Slight hints about the day can be picked up from some of the lyrics.

The song was both a critical and commercial success. The artists even performed it on the stage of the prestigious music award show, the Grammys. It also earned a few nominations there and ended up winning in two categories.

  • Release Date: 20 October 2009
  • Available On: Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, etc.
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/ Rap

2. Wyclef Jean ft. Mary J. Blige- “9/11”

This song by Wyclef Jeans featuring one of the most iconic hip-hop artists, Mary J. Blige, is a track that talks about the 9/11 incident. It is also pretty evident from its name what it is about. Wyclef And Blige both wrote the song together and the lyrics talk about the pain and suffering of the people who witnessed everything that happened that day.

The track was very well received across the world and even charted quite high on the Billboard charts. It was even nominated for a Grammy. The collaboration of two amazing artists and the incredible lyrics make this one of the best 9/11 songs on the list.

  • Release Date: 5 September 2000
  • Available On: Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, etc.
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/ Rap

3. Coldplay- “Politik”

Coming from one of the most popular and highly talented rock bands of our times, Coldplay, this song is the very first track of their album ‘A rush of blood to the head”. The song is heavily inspired by the tragedy that took place on 11 September 2001 and is like an ode to that day.

The pain of those who suffered from such an unexpected tragedy can easily be felt through the lyrics. The song amassed immense popularity and won multiple prestigious awards.

  • Release Date: 26 August 2002
  • Available On: Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, etc.
  • Genre: Alternative Rock

4. Alan Jackson- “When The World Stopped Turning”

If you are a fan of heartfelt and emotional country songs, then this one is the perfect choice for you. It is a beautiful ballad sung by renowned country artist, Alan Jackson. It tells the stories of the attack of 9/11 and how the people at that time felt that their entire world has come to a halt. Their reactions and emotions are expressed in the song. Also, it does not take a political stance but simply talks about the people of the country who suffered.

Overall, the song turned out to be great despite Alan not being sure about recording it because the topic is so sensitive. It even won best country song at the Grammys and gained a lot of praise from music critics and fans.

  • Release Date: 26 November 2001
  • Available On: Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, etc.
  • Genre: Country

5. Juliana Hatfield- “Hole In The Sky”

This song comes from the album ” Made in China” by an American singer and songwriter, Julia Hatfield. Its name means that how after the buildings collapsed, it seemed like there was a hole in the sky. The song also expresses the fear of people after the attack. Overall, it is very beautifully sung but is a tear-jerker.

  • Release Date: 9 August 2005
  • Available On: Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, etc.
  • Genre: Rock

6. 50 Cent ft. Eminem- “Patiently Waiting”

50 cent and Eminem are two of the biggest name in the hip-hop scene, and this song was a dream for so many fans. A part of 50 cent’s album “Get rich or die trying”, this track referenced the events that took place on 9/11. It can be easily noticed from the lyrics from the verses of both Cent and Eminem.

The destroyed buildings and the passengers who were on the flight that was hijacked by the terrorists are mentioned. Eminem has also released a few other songs that mention 9/11.

  • Release Date: 6 February 2003
  • Available On: Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
  • Genre: Hip-Hop/ Rap

7. Aaron Tippin- “Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly”

This song by one of the top country artists, Aaron Tippin, was recorded and released just a week after the September 11 attacks. It charted pretty high in different country song charts and also scored well on the billboard hot 100. The track reflects patriotism towards America and how it stood through the horrific event.

The song was to be released in 2000 in Aaron’s album but did not make it for some reason. It was finally released since he found its true purpose. Other than that, the destruction of the city of New York is also clearly visible in the track’s music video.

  • Release Date: 17 September 2001
  • Available On: Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, etc.
  • Genre: Country

8. Mary Chapin Carpenter- “Grand Central Station”

Mary Chapin is a renowned country-folk singer and has bagged multiple grammy awards. This song is about Grand Central Station and is heavily inspired by an interview of a man that she saw during the 9/11 tragedy. It follows his story of how while working at ground zero after the attacks happened, he would guide the souls of those deceased to the station so that they can go back home. So if you want to listen to a song that narrates a story, then it has to be among the best 9/11 songs for you.

  • Release Date: 20 September 2009
  • Available On: Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, etc.
  • Genre: Country

9. Imagine Dragons- “America”

Imagine Dragons have solidified their name as one of the most popular pop-rock bands of our time. This is one of the tracks from their EP “It’s time” and mentions the strength of the country even after experiencing one of the most horrific attacks in history. It talks about how some of the tallest buildings collapsed completely and how they rose back again. It also tells America to not cry and keep on moving forward with resilience.

  • Release Date: 12 March 2011
  • Available On: Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, etc.
  • Genre: Alternative/ Indie

10. Hank Williams- “America Will Survive”

Hank is an extremely popular and influential country singer and songwriter. He released this track after the events of 9/11 and it went on to achieve great success. The song is about the strength and courage of the people of America and has a very patriotic feel to it. The title ‘America will survive’ is also very meaningful and is like a proclamation.

It is a rewritten version of his original song ” Country boy can survive”. The lyrics were different and focused on a different topic. However, Hank changed them to match the new theme.

  • Release Date: 8 January 2002
  • Available On: Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, etc.
  • Genre: Country


10 of the best 9/11 songs released over the past two decades are all listed above. They have won awards in different categories and a lot of people love them. The tracks are not simply about a strong topic like 9/11 but are also very enjoyable to listen to. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you are a rock or a hip-hop fan, this list has something for everyone. However, if anything related to that day triggers you, then you may want to skip these.

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